Thursday, April 7, 2011

updates via pictures

slacker, thats what I am,....  but making up for it with a zillion pictures and videos,... here goes,..

Lucy at Bolton Notch, finally!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Escape to normalization,....

well, its almost time for Pip's final ortho visit, next week, 2/14.  Appropriate as she will turn 9 on February 11th and this will be a nice birthday present for her!  I expect that I will be able to let her loose and continue rehab to increase her stamina.

This past week, since there was so much snow and no one could really run much, I started letting her out with everyoone including Lucy and monitoring it.  Still no boot scooting with Lucy but I hope that will change as of next week.  And I hope I'll be able to let her join the others in the back forty also.  She's ready, I'm ready, we are all ready. 

As probably for everyone, this past weekend was spent cleaning up from all of the past storms, ice removal, rearrangement of snow and a little creativity in the backyard along with some sunbathing,..... 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

and winter continues

enough said!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update to Pip

Pip's surgery recovery is going very well as far as I can tell.  We had our second visit to the orthopedic surgeon since the surgery this week and while he is a man of little words, the question asked "does she feel good" as he manipulated her knee back and forth back and forth,..... was "she feels good".  So I think that means all is well!  Xrays were taken at the previous visit and at that point he said she was about 50% healed as far as the bone healing goes.  The staples, the cutting, all that has healed nicely.  Pip continues to be an awesome patient although it continues to be more difficult to keep her calm when outside.  She is still leash walking outside for her exercise walks and in the dog yard when other dogs are present, especially Lucy, who REALLY wants her playmate back.  The snow last week and the ice/rain this week definitely slows our progress down somewhat, although yesterday I took her to Tails U Win parking lot and marched her around there for about 25 minutes.  I am to now to 30 min walks to build up her stamina.  And mine I supposed, someone asked me if I had lost weight and I think I have justs because of all of the deliberate walking I have been doing.  Proves the point that 2 or 3 15 min walks a day at a moderate pace or even slow is still exercise and works you. 

One more follow up visit on Valentines Day and I believe we are done.  We also are continuing our visits to the PT weekly for a stint in the water treadmill. 

Some pictures, of Pip in her borrowed jacket.  She is blowing her coat AGAIN, I'm told its not uncommon for post surgery/anesthesia.  And it was so pretty before!  Her pain patch spot continues to grow back oddly - and her leg now has a light feel of fur on it but still a ways to go! 

Al has snowblowed "race tracks" in the yard so that we can continue her walks, although with todays sleet and rain we have not attempted it today.  Instead we worked on puppy push ups, backing up and sit, down, stand, sit, down, stand,...................................ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As you can see by the pictures, her sit is still sloppy and out to the side.  This may or may not go away depsite my best efforts.  But since she will be 9 this February (less then a month away!) I have no intention of putting her back into agility and I must say I"ve given up my dreams of getting a CD on her,... so lazy sit may just be fine. 

 Storm  "Benedict" I think they called it.  Pip in her borrowed jacket braving the snow before we have tracks for her and everyone else. 

Surgery fur regrowth or lack there of,.... and her sit!

Sit, what sit?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

just pictures,....

just pictures, haven't written anything in a while and need to collect my thoughts but have some cute pictures to share, I especially like the ones of the different dogs in the cat bed,..... ridiculous
Note:  Zenny is always in the same place in these photos, he hasn't tried the cat bed yet



Sidney (zenny in background)


And more ridiculous pictures, this time Izzy was in dog bed and dogs didn't care!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

...............same ole' same ole'

no pictures, they would look the same, dog laying down with old peas on her leg, my toes in the picture or some other part of my body.  nothing new, she is doing well but I know already tired of the process.  today is a treat since it is raining.  not that I mind the rain but she actually doesn't like it much, it gets in her eyes!  follow up for staple removal in a week, perhaps that will step up the pace a little.  No limping, my biggest issue is the patch on her side, or the spot on her side where the pain patch was.  I think that some of the plastic is still on her skin and starting to peel a little but not really.  If I try to pull it she really resists so I'm guessing its uncomfortable - not sure what to do with it.  Have call into trust vet.  I thought it was like rug burn/road burn originally from the patch but now not so much.  Needs to go away I think but don't know how!  If she was a window I could use lighter fluid but I don't think that will work in this case,... yuck